Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dear Lord,

I pray for understanding, so that I might be tolerant and forgiving of those who test me. I pray to find peace within myself when all around me is a storm. I pray for endurance, but not for strength, for if I should have it, Lord, I might scramble someone’s guts with a spork.

Kiss kiss,

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andartha said...

Blessed be

I know life is being a bit of a b**** right now (though I believe less so than the last few months past), so I thought I couple of blessings might come in handy ^_~

May the good Lord give you walls to keep out the wind,
A strong roof above you to protect from rain and sun.
May the warmth of the fire be always waiting for you,
And a lovely smile of welcome when your day is done.

And since I know you've returned to school (at least a bit):

May all your answers be always right.
May all your teachers be the best.
May too much homework not spoil your night.
May you score a hundred on every test.
May you study hard and learn a lot.
May you grow in wisdom, yet learn to rest.
For while the days pass slowly when you're young,
In no time at all, it will be summer again.

(Adapted and edited from an original blessing by Fr. Andrew M. Greeley.)

Love, *hugs* and best wishes,

Anda ^_^