Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Figure drawing class and pain meds can be so confusing....

[03:52:AM] Nick: I can't find my feet
[03:52:AM] Nick: I had them this morning when I woke up
[03:52:AM] Nick: they were on my desk
[03:53:AM] Nick: they were sitting right here looking at me...
[03:53:AM] Nick: all I had to do was scan them and I was done
[03:53:AM] Soren: that sounded really weird
[03:53:AM] Nick: and now I can't find them
[03:53:AM] Nick: I donno what I did with them
[03:53:AM] Nick: I can't go to bed until I find them
[03:54:AM] Soren: ewww
[03:54:AM] Nick: what a pain in the rump

[03:55:AM] Nick: oh
[03:55:AM] Nick: >.o
[03:55:AM] Nick: okay
[03:55:AM] Soren: o_o
[03:55:AM] Soren: found them?
[03:55:AM] Nick: that does sound weird
[03:55:AM] Nick: LOL
[03:56:AM] Soren: oh
[03:56:AM] Soren: LOL
[03:56:AM] Nick: my feet DRAWINGS
[03:56:AM] Nick: LOL
[03:56:AM] Soren: "I CANT FIND MY FEET"
[03:56:AM] Nick: I'm on medication....shaddap
[03:56:AM] Soren: you're adorable
[03:56:AM] Nick: I donno what the heck I did with them
[03:57:AM] Nick: found my hands though
[03:57:AM] Nick: <.< as...evident by the typing... har har
[03:59:AM] Soren: XDDDD

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mythicized said...

*snuggles you and your bad jokes*