Saturday, April 9, 2005

Some newish art

Had this one for a bit...just haven't had time to upload and post it...would love feedback
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This was recent...didn't take long, just needed a break from scoolwork so I doodled it out...
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scribblekitten said...

These are lovely! Why hasn't anyone commented?

I can't believe NO one has commented on these yet!! What is the deal, man?

Carnal Company:
Yeah, I love this one better. Got just my favorite guys in it. ehehhe. I like how you tilted the photo on this one to give it that slightly casual touch of a snap shot tossed upon a table and how you have them coming out of the photo. The background is a good improvement also. Very errie and "Twilight Zonie" ehehhe.

And Uncle Wolfie in the back is simply wicked, with that vicious snarl and I love the jewelry in his ears.

Z 's relaxed pose and pensive stare makes one wonder what he is thinking about and that he is used to being discovered like this.

Alex, now has definitely changed. His hair is so lifelike. The colors are vibrant and look soft, silky and carressable. His features aren't as youthfully innocent as before and appear more harsh and mature. His pose is one of a person weighting his options and his expression gives the impression of irritated challenge. I love his clothes and how the shirt has that shiny synthetic look to it. Something about his pose, his style of dress and the glass just screams very "Bowie-ish" to me.

I want a print of this to hang on my wall.


This is just so sad, the look in his eyes are so haunted and sad and he has such a vacant expression like he has seen or experienced too much and is emotionally numb and exhausted. Your use of bloody tears most associate with a vamp, gives him that tortured soul appearance, which is seen in cases of extreme physical and mental duress also. The way you have him turning away from the light makes me ponder if his experiences with this extreme soulful event will have him turning more to the dark side now with all his mystical crafts.

This picture makes him look like he just needs to be hugged and held close like a wounded little boy and told everything will be all right. It's so pitiful makes me want to cry for him, poor baby. And I just realized this is the first time you have shown us his entire face! He is usually so camera shy. ehhehe