Tuesday, April 19, 2005

[01:08] Nick: shit!
[01:08] Nick: I fixed the AC!!!!!
[01:08] Nick: I fixed it!
[01:08] Nick: I have air!!!

[01:08] Draye: KICKASS
[01:08] Draye: OMG
[01:08] Draye: YOU ROCK

[01:08] Nick: I kicked it!
[01:08] Nick: LOL

[01:08] Draye: XD!!!!!!

[01:08] Nick: Really HARD

[01:08] Draye: THAT'S IT?!
[01:08] Draye: OMG
[01:08] Draye: wow XD

[01:08] Nick: I swore at it too ^.^

[01:08] Draye: that musta done it

[01:09] Nick: I made it scared ^.^

At least for now I can breathe again!!!!I hope it doesn't mess up again until I get this loan situation straightened out...but for now I HAVE AIRRRR!!!


scribblekitten said...


Well, when I said it was time to put your boot up someone's ass and get some things straighten out...I meant it figuratively not literally, ehhehee. But hey, if it works, Woohoo. Now go kick some butt at the school too.

disturbedgraves said...

Re: ehehehe

LOL just happy to have air!

mythicized said...

Yay, I got quoted! XD So glad you were able to fix it!