Thursday, April 7, 2005

lon koun'sel ing

Student Loan Counseling (lon koun'sel ing) v.
1. Two hours of sitting on hard chairs or in the floor of a room where
just outside the septic tank is leaking, so that when the counselors start
speaking you have no need to imagine what the bullshit smells like.

2. "You have to pay this back. No HAVE to pay this back. Did
we mention you have to pay this back?"

        So after wasting two hours of my life
there that I will never get back, we waste a few more in the financial aid
office as I explain that telling me "It's in the mail" really isn't going to cut
it anymore, and I sorta threatened to stage a sit-in until they got my file
straight and everything settled. 10 minutes later, everything was signed and I
was being promised my money just as soon as I got my teachers to sign my
attendance sheets...provided I go home and... not come back to the financial aid
office. Ever.

        Heh...people love me.

        Outside of that I have been working
on my website...planning to reopen it soon. Right now if people want to
commission me they have to contact me in email and that is hardly convenient. I
also have some stories I want posted...Draye and I have a few things we're
working on ...I think we have decided to release an AU version of Carnal Company
that is pretty much all Yaoi/Yuri...mostly Yaoi...Been story boarding a few of
the earlier scenes in the storyline prior to Vendetta...but every attempt I've
made of Marcus in his Vampire Hunter D hat just ends up cracking me I
skipped ahead and started working on the initial sex scene...which ended up just
cracking me's been set aside until after midterms when I could
focus a lil more. Really looking forward to getting it started though.


ghostbard said...

I feel your pain, Nick. I really do. There's just three of us (soon to be four...REALLY soon to be four), but I've discovered it costs us about $130 a week just to feed the three of us. The local university gave me the run around for ages. The people who define disability need to grow brains...or walk a day or two in our shoes (yes, I've been denied TWICE...and I can't afford the lawyer to challenge it). Have you tried food stamps (not sure what the rules are where you live)? You might actually qualify, especially considering you're going to school full time (at least it sounds like full time) and you have two kids. Don't know...the laws are all wonky here.

Good luck!

disturbedgraves said...

I'm going to school full time and yeah...I have considered foodstamps, but I'm really not ready to go there yet. If the kids were starving I would, but so long as they are fed I figure I'll keep what little pride I have left and just suffer through it...eventually somthing will give right? Somthing has gotta eventually...either the disability or the school checks will come in. this point I think I'd like to just get a different flavor Ramen...The beef is killing me.

ghostbard said...

Try the creamy chicken ramen or the spicy chicken ramen. My husband and I swear by those. *grin* (When we can manage to choke the stuff down...we lived on it and leftovers swiped from Taco Bell - my husband worked for them - for almost two years!)

renegadeseraph said...

You know.. this kind of shit makes me so mad. Particularly in lieu of the fact that the richest people in america are only getting richer and the middle class is being stomped out of existence. Let's just go back to the working conditions of Victorian England while we're at it. Grrr!!! I am so sorry you are having these problems. If you need anything, let me know. I want to help without seeming like a charity because I know how proud you are.

disturbedgraves said...

Not as proud as I was...I just got this thing where every time I hit bottom and I go ok...I need help, help me, everyone runs for the hills and acts like I got myself in this situation alone. Pisses me right the hell off too in the instance of my family...I never ask for anything, never, and they BITCH because I refuse aid on small shit...and then when somthing comes up and it's dire I get treated like some kind of begger...

It's been that way as long as I can remember, so I've sort of had the idea of asking for help beaten out of my head...Kinda like when you hold food out to a hungry dog and when it goes for it you whack it real hard!...not that weeee've ever done you see what I mean.

Despite my bitching...I'm doing good, getting through school and that is all that matters...I make it through school and everything is smooth sailing...and if it's not...I'm going to blow up somthing big just to make myself feel better XD.