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Alex and Zakai
For those who don’t know, Zakai is Alex’s dad...they have issues, some of which are explained in the excerpt below. This image is a scene that takes place some time after this bit of writing...once Z actually “rescues” Alex and some of the others from Mikkel’s “Terrible” clutches. It’s a reunion piccy.

Excerpt from Carnal Company : Vendetta
Nick Graves and vyonnlantys
Rating strong R for language(My bits have much swearing)

"It's been bad for a long time." At least that was how Mikkel viewed it, and he was sticking to it.

"For some people yes...but not for everyone. Now everything is pretty much shit in general...doesn't matter if you are in here, outside waiting for us to find a way out of here...or the poor bastards doing this that have to know if there is a hell, they are top on the entry list." Many people found it strange that Alex could speak so candidly about such telling Mikk his soul was going to burn in hell with a casual detachment that said it was simply fact and he didn't have an opinion on it one way or another. It was just how he was. "You ruined my life years ago, so yeah for me...maybe for you too, things have been bad a long time. Doesn't mean we have to drag everyone else down with us."

"It is a shame it has to involve so many people." It was so hard to tell if he was being sincere, especially as he abandoned the soiled rag in favor of smoothing his palm over the round of Alex's rump and the fabric of his torn pants. "I'm not afraid of hell, Alex. I came to the conclusion long ago that if it cost me my soul to get what I want, then so be it." His voice had grown velvety and deep even as he leaned down to breathe against Alex's neck, "I didn't intend to ruin your life...not really. I don't have anything against you; even that little stunt you pulled at Nikare's didn't have me enraged enough to want to tear you apart. You were an unfortunate victim, along with just about everyone else." But apparently breaking Zakai was worth more to him than all those people, because it didn't stop him, didn't even make him pause for a moment.

Alex’s cheeks went hot as the man's hand left his back and moved lower, it made him a little self conscious, even if Mikkel couldn't see his face. So, he shifted, folding his arms up under his head and burying his blush in the cradle they made, his voice becoming a little muffled as he spoke into them. "That's sad too...that you still think fucking with me will get to Zakai. With the exception of two people, the five of us you picked off don't matter to him. I'm not one of those two people Mikkel." He actually sounded a little irritated having to repeat this again. What didn't the guy get about it? It really seemed plenty simple enough. "He hardly spoke to me from the time you killed my mother to the time Marcus shot me...and then it was just long enough to make sure I was going to recover and it was back to pretending I didn't exist. He does that...forgets things, people, everything if he doesn't want it in his life...I don't even know my own birthday Mikkel...think about that."


mythicized said...

I just can't get over how beautiful they both look. Alex is so cute and Zakai is so breath-takingly drop-dead gorgeous.

scribblemoose said...


ghostbard said...

Damn. You can write AND draw. *whines* That's not fair! *grin* Beautiful picture and a very interesting piece of the story.

disturbedgraves said...

Thank you! Had a lot of fun doing it.

disturbedgraves said...

Aww wow, thank you. I write better than I draw I think...I started doing both when I was really really young...It’s actually kinda sad that I am not better by now. I wrote my first book in the 4th grade XD !! No kidding(but oh how it sucked!)...I should be like...famous by now.

But living off Ramen and just now getting my first real year of college under my belt...sooo sad LOL.

disturbedgraves said...

Just once Alex would like to be something OTHER THAN cute...heh...if he could, he'd surely strangle me for working on finishing him in his bunny costume.

scribblekitten said...

I totally love this picture

Wow, This has to be one of your best pieces to date. The emotional impact it expresses is just astounding, so tender and enduring. The bitter sweet expression on 'Z's face and the way he is embracing his son, a perfect example of a powerful man finally expressing the love and emotions he has held in check for so long. And Alex, he appears so stoically strong and accepting, while soaking up anything his father is willing to offer him.

Your attention to details is awesome also, their hair seems so touchable and soft. The poses they hold with the bowed heads and tentative touching, are ones expected in such a setting of intense feeling. And those hands. I just love hands, especially ones that are so expressive like you have presented here. They are so life-like and expressive. I can't take my eyes away from 'Z's hand and arm on Alex or Alex's hand caressing his father's cheek. Makes me all misty eyed just looking at this. Can't wait to see it colored. Excellent work.

The story excerpt was very intriguing also and just enough to give added meaning to the picture. I want to read the rest of this story you two have been working on, but I know I'll probably have to wait till you guys are finished with it, like everyone else, ehehhe. And I think you and Draye are perfectly matched as far as writing partners go. Your work seems to be coming along much faster and you seem to be enjoying it more since you started working with her. You two just compliment each other's style so well, it was meant to be and I can't wait till you have this book finished soon.

crystaltwiiight said...


finish the book..... I wanna read it. I love Alex. I love this picture. your one of my all time favorite artists

flyawayraven said...

Very nice!

I hope you don't mind but I found you on DeviantArt last year and have really liked your stuff ever since. Would it be alright if I added you to my friends list?

disturbedgraves said...


You didn't even have to ask, I don't mind at all. Really glad you like some of my stuff too ^___^