Sunday, January 9, 2005

swiped from vyonnlantys

The Basics
1.) Years role-playing: I started when I was in the 7th grade, so that
was like...what...91? So that’s like 13 years or so? I didn’t start RPing online
until probably late  96 and oh was it baaad. All very short entries, mostly dice
rolling, that was when I was playing the game just to be a game...I didn’t start
seeing it’s potential as a literary device for at least another year. Once I
created my own world—Gambit—I started game mastering the stories I was writing
for players on the net. I’ve had instances where I was GMing for over 20 people
at the same was a blast, and they had fun and I got instant reactions
to many of the plot devices I was planning to use in my books so over all it
just rocked. Nowadays, I typically only RP with a handful of people and usually
no more than two at a time.

2.) Favorite three characters: Oh
gosh...Favorites...That’s hard. Nikare...because he’s just so much fun to play.
Dillon, again a lot of fun, Alex...because he’s a total nerd freak spaz.

3.) Least favorite character: Hmm...Shelly...She’s
one of the few girlly girls I play and she’s just very difficult to run because
she’s...insane. Normally I like insane, but she just takes so much effort to
play in a way that she doesn’t come off trite or overdone or too sane.

4.) Male or female characters?: Male mostly. I have
a few females but most of them are reaaaally butch. I simply cannot make REAL
girlly girls, the few attempts I have made have resulted in tedious failures.

5.) Oldest character?: Styx...She was the first
character I made for the net...She’s cool, she’s funny, she has a knack for
running into trouble and crawling back out again by the skin of her teeth. Not a
very romantic character though(even if later in her life she does start writing
romance stories about every hero she’s ever had a crush on or otherwise), she
tends to always be falling for the guy who is about to or has just proposed
marriage to the other girl(or guy in some cases)...or roaming bards that run
like hell the second she manages to get out that she really thinks they are just
“the most interesting, attractive, beautiful person” she’s ever met!

6.) Newest character?: Marco Weaving. Werewolf with
a fetish for Nazi era mementos, guns and Beethoven.

7.) Most popular character?: That’d be a toss
up...Pierce Khan...I donno anyone who has met him that doesn’t love him. Nikare
Seraphious...again...everyone seems to love him, I’ve even had incredibly
straight male players let their ‘once straight’ characters get taken in by him
to the point of some very nice bedroom scenes... no one can resist the Nik...just
not possible.  And...Zakai...lotsa folks seem to find him cool...even if he does
have a potty mouth :-x !

8.) Character you've never played?: No characters I
haven’t played...though discussing this with vyonnlantys tonight...and as it turns out I have never played the
helpless “uke” type...Not to say I’ve never had a character that wasn’t top dog,
I just haven’t ever done the helpless non-reactive pitiful “don’t hurt meeee”
type... I have a teeny bias against cowardice and weakness I suppose...those
only go to my expendable villains mostly.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
9.) Jump off a bridge?: Talus...he can fly...

10.) Get drunk and pass out?: Jesse, does it allll
the time.

11.) Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way?: Xavier
Priest, very nasty guy when he wants to be.
12.) Be far too hyper for their own good: Alex, Zakai’s son.

13.) Rape somebody?: rape? Not
reeeealy strong coercion? Probably Xavier...he does that a lot.
14.) Be raped?: Alex? Maybe? Cuz he’s so utterly cute in that sexy never
been touched sorta way?
15.) Get lost and refuse to ask for directions?: Zakai. If not for Alex,
he and half the Carnal Company group would never find their way from point A to
point B; modern roadways truly confuse them.
16.) Get lung cancer?: LOL Zakai! He chain smokes, and when he can’t
smoke he plays with his lighter.
17.) Star in a horror movie?: Dillon Sweet or Ethaine Blade....just
because they would both think it was incredibly cool...especially if there was
lots of T&A and fake blood.

18.) Star in a porno movie?: Nikare...or Dillon.

19.) Star in a video game?: Alex and David
Chapel...they are, in their spare time, already programming one with their
20.) Make the world a better place?: Nikare Seraphious...That’s pretty
much his entire world view, to do what he can to make people be better to one
another, to make life good for as many people as he can, and right as many
wrongs possible...and have lots of sex in the process.
21.) Have a torrid gay love affair?: Nikare...but really, a good number
of them, I kinda don’t make many really “straight” characters, male or female.

Would you ever...
33.) Play a prostitute?: Dillon
34.) Play a musician?: LOL Dillon
35.) Play a pilot?: Marco
36.) Play a homosexual?: Duuuuuh
37.) Play a pedophile?: I have, but never like during the actual act. I
have a villain Elair Fayra who everyone knows used to molest Pierce Khan when he
was his ward, but it was always referred to in the past tense...Had Khan called
a catamite all the way up until he was powerful enough to make people’s head pop
like cherries off their neck.
38.) Play a politician?: Khan, Talus, Xavier, a whole score of others

39.) Create a character for the sole purpose of smut?:
Nope, I’m a plot addict. I can’t do smut for smuts sake, just never ever been
able to.

More Questions
40.) How many times have you played the death scene/card?: Eh? Had
characters die? A lot...I kill off a lot of characters...some of them even stay
dead XD

41.) What color of eyes do your characters usually
Totally varies...though right now I am playing a wolf pack, so most
of them have amberish or blue eyes.

42.) Color of their hair: Again, it varies. I have
so many characters that I’ve covered just about everything equally.
43.) Played a Mary Sue?: I think Styx “started out” as a Mary Sue, she
was very like me if I had been a fantasy character...but she was still a damn
good character.
44.) Given a choice to interrupt a love scene, would you do it?: Allllll
the time....especially if it makes things all awkward and uncomfortable for the
characters involved.


ghostbard said...

You ought to go look at my answers to this. I skipped most of the RPing I did with friends as we goofed off as teenagers, and the RPing I do now with my husband as we work out scenes in my novels.

yaoi_slut said...

Wha, we should RP sometime. o.o

disturbedgraves said...

XD You think so? I'm actually kinda weird to RP with, or so I have been told, wouldn't mind considering it though! If you want to chat IM anytime, nicksgraves on aim...I can't guarantee I'll ever be AT the keyboard...oooor if I am that I won't be incredibly ditzy from lack of sleep or such, but gimme a holler anytime!

art_of_kore said...

>>Create a character for the sole purpose of smut?: Nope, I’m a plot addict. I can’t do smut for smuts sake, just never ever been able to.