Friday, January 7, 2005

My kittens trashed my work station this morning :-\

The little monsters aren’t even supposed to be allowed in my office, but somehow the door was left open last night and everything on my drafting table ended up in the floor. All my homework, my Bristol boards, every paintbrush and HB pencil I own...they even somehow got my inking kit open and had pens and nips all over and little blue paw shaped ink spots painted up the wall and along my scanner. My keyboard was dangling from it’s cord from the desk, as was my mouse, they left the Wacom alone because I think they knew I’d eat them if they messed with it.

David’s response: “ still think they are soooo cute?”

Me, looking in to see Whatsit in the floor on his back, batting playfully at the dangling mouse, while Raven lays staring at me in a panicked ‘I didn’t do it’ manner with paintbrushes forming a sort of tiddly-wink hut around him and his ink stained little nose: “Well...that IS pretty damn cute.”


I am such a sucker for the cute fuzziness of it all.


netpoet22 said...

LOL!!! Please tell me you took a few pictures. :) I've got 2 cats, but they're well past the kitten stage and know to stay out of *MOST* things now.

Though they just cannot RESIST my son's shoelaces for some reason... hmm


disturbedgraves said...

Sadly no, my camera has a super slow speed and the kittens are really quick which usually leaves me with lil blurrs. This is one of my babies though, he’s special....I have no idea how he is sleeping there like that.

mythicized said...

That is way too adorable. I hate it how I turn into a ball of mush at the mere sight of a cat. I'm trying my very hardest not to squeal "AWWWW" right now. XD

netpoet22 said...

hehee.. too cute. You just know he's thinking diabolical thoughts while looking so cute, right? After all, something *THAT* cute *HAS* to be pure evil. Both of my cats sleep in some of the oddest positions, few of which look at *ALL* comfortable.. one of mine sleeps flat on her back, legs just akimbo. {shakes head} If reincarnation exists, I want to come back as a housecat.. I'll build up enough relaxation to last me another dozen lifetimes, I'm sure. hehee


netpoet22 said...

Oh, I did forget.. if you want to see my spoiled rotten goobers, go here.



ghostbard said...

I refuse to show this entry to my husband on the grounds that we do NOT have the $300 it would cost to pay the pet deposit for our apartment, not to mention the money to pay for food, vet bills, and expensive kitty psychotherapy when my daughter and my future little one (I find out on Monday when I'm due and if it's a boy like I suspect) drive the poor little fuzz ball insane!

I also don't want to have to deal with little poop piles all over the house. I have enough problems with my daughter and her diapers.

yaoi_slut said...

Argh! Kittens are too cute, and that was an adorable picture!

But it makes it harder to be mad at them, sadly. >.>

Anyway, I think this is my first comment on your journal. I recently added you to my friend list and I want to get to know you better so! We should talk on AIM sometime, plus I need to get into your LJ more so I can stop wondering who this person on my f-list is. XD;