Wednesday, January 12, 2005

School Blues

I am so freakin tired....

I remember back about 10 years ago I would get tired and it was no big deal...I’d yawn a bit though I’d still be able to function, but I gotta tell ya, my illness really makes itself apparent after a day like today....especially just following a day like yesterday. My extremities are pretty much numb, my typing is about 20 words a minute XD, and what parts of my I can feel ache something awful...when I have breathing issues, my chest and upper arms strain...I haven’t entirely figured out why but it gets to where breathing in and out becomes a serious work out that just leaves me sore and even bruised sometimes.

Yesterday morning I was at the campus at 9am, the first two hours there I spent running back and forth from one building to another with my daddy...After about the third trek across campus I finally talked him into parking his cripple butt in the cafeteria and just waiting on me to finish. I can’t image what all that walking did to his knee(had it replaced less than a year ago) or his heart(he’s not REALLY even supposed to be out of the house, but the man still climbs and cuts trees, teaches a buncha classes at the college and occasionally goes in to do embalming work for the local funeral homes when they call him for it).

The first bad thing I found out was about ‘way back when’ in 97, where I applied to this school, enrolled, took almost two weeks of classes, and then had to withdraw because I got stuck in the hospital(and then put on bed rest for somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 months). So...after 8 years...I am STILL on academic suspension. That is supposed to be removed after six months...but since this is me, the hassle has to be made extra special.

So, I finally find someone that can fix the suspension, and they tell me I can’t take Art and Design...because I am a retard.

At this point, everyone starts treating me as if I have downs kidding. They talked slow...they talked loud...and the enunciated really well so I could read their lips.

I wish I was kidding.

After about an hour or two of this, I find out it’s because somehow they have recorded that in 97 I took placement tests and scored a 21(out of a possible 100) on the writing, reading and math. Now, dismissing the fact that it’s fishy that I got a 21 in THREE separate tests, they also refused to take in consideration that if I HAD scored that low back then, then there was NO way I could have been put in the classes which I have WF’s in ... which caused my academic suspension in the first place.

Skipping a bunch more tedious BS where I also find out my Fafsa has yet to clear and I am going to have to pay for all this out of pocket until it does, they finally agree that maybe...just maybe, I am not so stupid...and allow me to schedule a retest. They wouldn’t even let me look at the curriculum courses, register, nothing...not until I took those tests. This was so terribly embarrassing...because the department chairwoman whom I will have much future contact with...truly thought I was a moron. A VERY artistically talented...autistic weenie...(for the record, I am excellent driver). She really did not want to let me take those tests...she acted like I’d just be wasting time and embarrassing myself further.

Regardless, I took them this morning at 9AM...and an hour and a half later, I came out with scores over 100...which I still haven’t figured out, because twice they told me it was a 100 max...but somehow I got a 117 and a 114. Needless to say I got a lot more help today...and though I do not have my books paid for, and have to find some way to do that on my own, at least the school is covering my tuition until my Fafsa clears and I can get the Pell grant and loans needed.

Ended up with some craptacular classes though...all but one of which will be taken over the net, and one of those is being taught by a guy I have roleplayed with since like...93. Kamau is one of the sweetest, greatest guys I know...but many characters of his as I have killed off, I have to wonder if maybe I should take ceramics instead ^.^

Bleh...I am dyin...just fallin asleep here, so will finish my tale of epic woe after a krispy crème and a good nights sleep.


osmandias said...

Woah, you mean they actually thought that you were retarded and treated you like that?! That's just wrong! I dunno about you, but I would've been pissed off enough to walk out and not come back at all. But at least you got in, so that makes it better obviously.

Good luck with your classes, Nick! Bowl 'em over. ^^

snipes01 said...


Hey I'm prolly being a nucence and I realize this has nothing to do with your post... But I've just being checking out your art on the net.. and I must say it's Awsome I love it... I myself have a livejournal too... although I haven't updated it lately... Hopefully I get back around to it someday... Love the art man keep it up!