Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fresh rat ass

They did something to the fields again today, so all the
mice and varmints have charged our house. I haven’t really noticed them...except
their little disembodied feet and hands and rumps that Widget for some reason
isn’t interested in eating. She’s left them all over, even dropped off a nice
piece of tail on my chest when she decided I had been in bed long enough today.

That cat’s a trip.


flasher said...

Hey, Nick. I can't seem to get to Epi today (server timing out) so I'll just answer you here. The biggest problem I'm seeing is that your lighting/depth queues are all over the place. On her face, the nearer sections are highlighted (near cheekbone, point of nose) but yet her near arm is darker than both breast and buttock. Physically, it has to be closer to the viewer but the colors don't match that. Also, the highlights on the armor aren't coming from the same direction as the highlights on her body. The armor rocks, by the way.

Final thing and then I'll stop nitpicking. Parts of this seem very flat, at least on my monitor. All of the shadows look like you used the same dark shade to create them. They should have a bit more variance. It looks like you used the exact same dark on the skin as you did on both shades of armor and that's the same as the main background darks. Mix it up a little bit. I know you're going for a warm atmosphere but through in some dark greens/blues here and there. Same with the highlights. Those bird skulls look like they should be throwing pure white/silver light but the highlights on the body armor closest to them are yellow from the sky.

Hope that helps some.

art_of_kore said...

I agree about the inconsistant lighting. I would also add that the background clouds don't seem realistic enough, and could use more depth. Her face also seems unpleasantly bland/dead. But honestly, Epilogue = Arbitrary Quality Standards.