Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Every one seems to be doing this so I'm tossing mine in too...List of name your favorite movie that they played in...

Vin Diesel- Pitch Black
James Spader- Secretary
Steve Buscemi- Reservoir Dogs
Tom Hanks – Forrest Gump
Jim Carrey – Dumb and Dumber
Tobey Maguire – WONDER BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!
Mel Gibson – Braveheart (leathal weapon the whole series)
Bruce Willis – Armageddon
Ben Affleck – Dare devil
Harrison Ford – Han...Indi...Han...Indi...Han...Oh I just donno!!!! Screw it...Empire Strikes Back.
Kevin Spacey – This is tough...American Beauty makes me cry every time I see it...but The Usual suspects is like the best movie EVER.
Edward Norton – Nother rough one..Fight Club is classic(the book is better) but Death to Smoochie was Hil-Arious
John Cusack – Gross Point blank
Johnny Depp - Pirates Of The Caribbean Or sleepy Hollow tough call
Will Smith – Bad Boys
Matthew Broderick- Biloxi Blues
Brad Pitt – SNATCH!
Keanu Reeves - Matrix
George Clooney – “Muh Hair!” Heh...Oh Brother where Art thou
Christian Bale – Equilibrium
Ethan Hawke – The Newton Boys
Adam Sandler – Happy Gilmore
Robin Williams – Death to Smoochy
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Conan the Barbarian
Bruce Willis – The Last Boy Scout
Eddie Murphy - Vampire in Brooklyn
Morgan Freeman –Moll Flanders...first time I ever found him...Hot...just seriously...see the movie.
Nicolas Cage – Raising Arizona
Russell Crowe – Virtuosity
Ben Stiller – Mystery Men
Rodney Dangerfield – Natural Born Killers
Al Pacino – Dog Day Afternoon or The Godfather trilogy
Robert De Niro – Taxi Driver
Tim Curry - Legend
Denzel Wahington – Man on Fire...or Glory...both made me bawl like a baby
John Travolta – Pulp Fiction
Kevin Bacon - Footloose
Alan Rickman – the man is a god...but if I must pick something I’d say...Galaxy Quest.
Kenneth Branagh – Dead Again...Much ado about nothing....hell anything he’s in I adore.
Hugh Jackman – Kate and Leopold
Patrick Stewart – Excalibur
Jean Reno – Who?
Gary Oldman – Immortal Beloved...but he’s another of those guys who I love in everything.
Wesley Snipes – King of New York
Anthony Hopkins – Legends of the Fall

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