Monday, August 20, 2012

The Soundtrack

I have been writing since the invention of dirt, and one thing has always remained the same for me -- the need for soundtracks. I write to, plot to, and revise to a soundtrack that fits my characters and sometimes single scenes. My poor husband has often lamented that I subject him to Abu Ghraib style torture by playing the same song for hours on repeat, but if a song works for the vibe, I stick with it.

So far Arles and Sam (the characters in my thesis) have my favorite soundtrack to date:

(OMG can you believe they remade this SONG? OMG)

Lots of embedded you-tube videos after the cut. Please give time to load and do not click "read more" if resource heavy pages tend to slow down your connection.





And then, of course, I have my Carnal Company people and Alex to consider...





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