Monday, November 24, 2008

Silly Girls


I’ve been full steam ahead on finishing this book, and really, outside of some minor touch ups, all it really needed was a few gaps filled in. It's stuff I didn’t want to write at the time, but I knew it needed to be written for plot reasons, even if it just sorta bored me…so I was hoping I would think of a more interesting way to bring the information to light. I didn’t, and it’s been months, so I have to just do it.

Problem is, everything just went from bad to extremely bad.

I have a difficulty with writing women being…women. You know, doing girlly things? Thinking girlly things? Girl…logic, if there is such a thing. So that alone made these few last scenes I have to write fairly difficult ones for me, and now you take into consideration who I sorta, kinda, based these characters on in large part, and the difficulties I have been having with said individuals lately, and you can probably see why I haven’t been able to write word one.

Long story short, I’m thinking of making the Jerri character a very effeminate gay man…and THAT, would be a combination of Serena and Stephenie Meyer’s fault(longer story there). It would be a bit of backtracking, and would make for some interesting changes in the scenes between Jerri and Vincent…heh…but seeing as though I am being encouraged now to write for myself and not so much for publication, who the hell cares, right?

I really should just do what Serena does, and just populate a world with nothing but men, mwhahahahaha, no evil difficult womens to give me migraines.


I totally need a nap…and less medication I think.

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mythicized said...

Hey! Not fair! My Mindbender story has women in it! Granted...most of them die. >>