Tuesday, November 4, 2008



There was no one at the polls today in Nowhere-Important Carolina.

I'd heard lots of fuss from relatives and the news about having to wait in lines forever, and considering how wishy washy I have been on whom I want to vote for, I very nearly just stayed home to make it easier on those people who actually had strong convictions on the subject.

There was no line at all, I held my ID in my hand (never had to actually show it) told the people my name, and just nodded and went "uh-huh" when they replied a name different from what I had said, but still me (I have no idea how I ended up with my maiden name being listed as my middle name and my middle name gone completely) and handed me a ballot.

I wanted to go straight party ticket, save myself a little time, but there were so many positions where there was no Libertarian running, so I was forced to go down each line trying to remember who it was I'd researched and decided to vote for…I really should have brought a cheat sheet.

I saved the presidential vote for last, because up until I filled in that little oval, I wasn't at all sure who I was going to pick. I'd gone back and forth on it for days. I hate both VP choices on the Dem/Rep side, and I've lots of beef with both presidential candidates as well. Of course the Libertarian guy…probably won't even get much mention at all on the news this evening.

 Barr who?

Did anyone even see him on TV? I think you literally have to go hunting for campaign ads for the Libertarians if you want to see them.

 Doesn't matter. I love the Libertarians, I am a Libertarian…but Barr is a douche bag…so again, that left me staring at three choices for president, none of which would please me too much as a leader of our nation.


 11:57 pm

 I'm really unsure how to feel. Part of me is as elated as all the people honking their horns outside and those making a fuss on every inch of bare internet space they can find. I am pleased with the change in face from the usual presidential mug shot--having anyone but a white male as president is refreshing, however as much as I want to cling to this one huge bit of change in the right direction, this strong declaration of national unity that begins a small step towards unraveling racial divides, I still find myself worried.

 I voted for Bush the first time, I was happy with the initial outcome, as many people were. That initial approval turned quite sour relatively quickly, and that was with me believing strongly in many of the core values Bush liked to preach. There is a lot Obama supports and champions that I am not on board with. It doesn't help that it seems the man is near worshipped, and with how greatly he just won the election, that gives a lot of power to the man, more than Bush ever had.

 It is worrisome.

 I am really hoping this will turn out good for everyone, that he will not squander or abuse the good will of the people. We elected him almost completely on faith alone, I hope he can live up to the expectations. Worries aside, I'm actually rather excited to see what happens.


Instant karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Everyone you meet

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun

Yeah we all shine on

Come on and on and on on on

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