Monday, January 14, 2008

Psycho Killer

So I am in animation class.

We have this...vague but annoying assignment where we have to take this skeleton storyline and make it our own...change the character, change location...whatever, have to make it our own but keep the base movement elements present. Even doing so, we will spend the next 5 weeks answering stupid questions about the original base lemme brief you on TIM.

Tim is lounging in his chair in the back yard, he sees a ball, he thinks it must belong to the kids next door so...Tim goes to get the ball and slips on a banana peel. Maybe Tim saved a life by being the one to slip on the peel, who knows!!!!111 It’s...really lame.

So one the of discussion questions today was:

3. Now that you have seen the script and designed the character, speculate on what kind of game this short animation could be incorporated into. Would it be an introductory animation or a cut scene? What kind of game would it be? What would the game involve?  

And my studious reply?

Graves              14 Jan 08    5:27 PM MST
            It could be either a cut scene or opening animation. Since we’re just “speculating” on the sort of game it could be...maybe it’s one of those very violent sorts and Tim is prone to rapid mood swings—kind and benevolent one moment, and oh so willing to help out the neighbor kids, and then vicious and homicidal the next—and that slip on the banana peel just seriously set him off. So...he takes out the baseball bat that he has in his inventory from a few scenes back (which we won’t go into) and goes next door to stir up a little carnage--and also rack up many brutality points for wild swings that send little punk-ball-tossing heads soaring over fence lines. It’d be a mostly nonlinear game of course, unlocking a bit of plot here and there when certain items are found and actions are done, but mostly the point of the game would be to wreak as much havoc as psychotically possible without the police finding the bodies that you are hiding in the empty in-ground pool you have covered for the winter. Purely speculative of course. :)


scribblekitten said...


Well, if the professor doesn't nix it, it sounds like some of the other video games that are available today, that has a lot of "Crush, Kill, Destroy," action. He really didn't know who he was talking to when he said make it your own, did he? Maybe after your video is finished, he'll learn to check out the available art work of his students before suggesting assignments like this. Hehe, I think it's deliriously funny and want to see you do now.

serephent said...

ROFL! OMG, Nick, that was great! What did your Prof do?