Sunday, January 27, 2008

Men are stooopid

So, I am seriously PMSing...or seriously pregnant, either way I have been puking my guts out for days. To make matters worse, nothing decent has been on TV, so I figured with all the extra estrogen I have been feeling of late I'd just watch Lifetime, aka the "men are stooopid" network. It's basiclly a whole channel dedicated to women who don't like men but can't really commit to being they put men who act like women up on a pedestal and make the rest of them vile, irrational and sadistic. Or gay. They seem to make allowances for the old men types, children who have yet to turn to the dark side, and the token gay friend who fixes their hair when the villainous lover musses it up in the middle of some plot to destroy her. The Shero always prevails though, because she's super smart, independent and fabulous.

 This may be the source of my nausea.

What I have learned from watching this network is that women, in order to follow a plot, must have loads of exposition--everyone explains exactly what they are doing and why. Basically, the heroine is so smart she never misses anything, but the network realizes women in general are a little slow, and if you don't spell it all out for them they may get confused, bored, and switch over to giggle at their computer's kitten screensaver instead.

Reminds me a lot of Yentle. Not in a good way mind you, I rather like Yentle, but more so in the whole...picture books for women theory. I think they may have been onto something there.

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amguynes said...

Hi Nick!

The only reason I ever watched Lifetime was to watch Unsolved Mystery reruns during the day when the kids were napping. LOL I hate their movies. They are definitely great if you want to lose your appetite.