Friday, March 2, 2007


Idiot defined:

6am – Deciding it’s finally time to catch the other mouse living under your desk, and thus setting up the new mouse trap you bought under there, complete with a strawberry treat you know the little bugger can’t resist.

5:40 PM- Forgetting about said mouse trap and...catching your toes instead.

I think my scream alerted the mouse that there is something fishy about those strawberries.


mythicized said...

O_O; Are your toes okay?

disturbedgraves said...

They feel broken...but I think they are just bruised.

foreverquatre said...

Uhm. Go for a humane trap...

disturbedgraves said...

I tried that. I bought those little cages that capture the mouse inside...and no matter how I used it or how I placed it, never worked (besides, they just come right back in).

I hate the idea of using any sort of traps that aren’t catch release, I love rats and mice. I used to have them for pets and...hardly ever kept them in cages. Now though, I have two children in my house, and the health of my babies means more to me than that of little mice. If my kids caught something because I felt bad about doing away with the field mice that flush into my house when they plow next door, I couldn’t live with myself.

When catch and release traps don’t work, the most humane trap IS the snap trap. It’s designed to catch the mouse either right across the base of the skull or right across the back of the neck depending on the size of your muncher(or right across the toes if you happen to catch your foot instead). Either way, the death is quick and by comparison fairly painless—it’s probably better than being eaten by one of the thousands of snakes that also inhabit my outback like surroundings. :)

There are of course poisons and sticky traps and the like, but...that’s not in the least humane, is it?