Sunday, August 21, 2005

Here is Hades

Ok, after many fixes and changes here he is. Any opinions?
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scribblekitten said...

Uhuhmm, good.

Ewww...he is showing fur! How naughtily hot is that? I love it and the pose are both very sexually charged. His expression is teasing, yet threatening at the same time like some wicked great cat taunting us to play with him, but be careful...He has sharp claws and can bite.

Excellent rendering of form and details make this drawing seem so life like that I keep expecting him to move any minute. He is gorgeous and a wonderful addition to your growing collection of work. Keep up the great work.

Note: I just keep looking at this man, saying to myself...I know him from somewhere. Then it struck me...He reminds me of a distant cousin of mine that looked very much like this, dressed very similiar to him, when he was in his 20's many years ago and I was a young girl. This was long before you came along, so, you never got to meet him, probably never will either. He had all the girls in the area in love with his '"rebell without a cause" attitude back then, but now I was told he is old, fat, wears glasses and bald, ehhehe. I wonder what he would think of this piece?

ghostbard said...

The shading on this is incredible. I love the expression, and the way the muscle tone is displayed it does (like scribblekitten said) look like he ought to jump off the page.

*drools a little* If I had even half your talent, Nick, I'd be set. This is great.

andartha said...

There's kindness in his eyes while his lips are very sensual. He's sleek like a panther and there's a willowy grace in his posture. Will bend, but not break. Love it!

disturbedgraves said...

Aww that's so perrtyful! XD Thankee, glad you like him.

andartha said...

Hi there! I got IM installed and everything. (Random rant: I hate aol. It tried to write itself all over my computer. And the IM handling is only half as intuitive as the ICQ one *growls*)
I'll check in again in a few hours time (when it's 11 p.m. over here). For the sake of communication, what time zone are you in? I'm in GMT +1 and if I'm correct you're at GMT -5 (same time as in New York).
See ya!
P.S.: *sigh* and I keep getting these "Can't reach Buddy" messages from IM when I try to send a telegram, which irritates the hell outa me, cause I'm not quite sure if you're even getting this message. So I'm reposting this on your lj, just to be on the safe side.

disturbedgraves said...

I haven't gotten a message. Are you IMing nicksgraves? Try Carnalcompany? Failing that, what is your screen name, I'll IM you?

andartha said...

And bloody IM shows "nicksgraves" as offline...*grumble-mumble*

x7bren said...

wow. Aww I can say is amazing. Exactly as I pictured hades