Friday, June 3, 2005

David and I have been together for over 10'd think in all that time, one of us would have grown up a it creepy that we have a very brother sister 'best friends for life' sort of relationship...with sex? I donno...But it must be love because I find some of the stooooopidest things he says and does adorable.
* side note- Bees and spiders scare the hell out of me...

David: I like so many of these new groups
David: I wonder if any of them will stick
David: you downloading?
David: or in the middle of a test?
David: I need help with this stupid cake too
David: I fucked up the last one
David: This girls singing makes me wanna fuck for some reason.....
David: ......
David: so like
David: are you ignoring me
David: ......
David: or what?
David: ......
David: ......
David: BEEES!!!!!!!!!!!
David: OH GOD!
David: They're being chased by a...
David: SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David: SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick: what?
David: and BEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David: !!!!

Nick: shut the fuck up
Nick: what you want?
David: hehe
David: scroll up winch
David: I ain't retypin all that

Nick: I am
Nick: and a a tool

David: lol

Nick: you are the only ‘tool’ I know
Nick: a wench

David: I spelled the wrong "winch"

Nick: did, you tool

David: lol

Nick: I'll help you with the cake in a bit
Nick: what you want me to do to it?

David: not fuck it up

Nick: ok...yes...I get that
Nick: what part did you fuck up before?

David: I burned it
David: and then it fell apart
David: and I can't ice one for shit
David: not without good tools
David: and we have none

Nick: you burned it...and it fell apart...
Nick: That fucked up crater cake you had me glop icing on?
Nick: That was like cake mush?
Nick: with icing spots?

David: yup
David: that's the one!

Nick: LOL....ok
Nick: I'll help

David: wanna see some music videos?

Nick: no

David: most of em are good


David: fine

Nick: fine

David: be a bi-atch then

Nick: I will

David: ok then

Nick: fine

David: you do that

Nick: I will

David: alright

Nick: Ok

David: yeah

Nick: mmhmm

David: showed you....

Nick: ha!

David: my red stapler...

Nick: That all you got to say?

David: gonna burn the house down...

Nick: LOL

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scribblekitten said...


Ok, and you call me fruit loops? That was rather cute anyway and funny. I especially liked how he got you to bake the cake. Got to give the guy an 'A' for ingenuity and having an interesting way to distract you away from the computer.

Mine just blasts me to death with insane Redneck programs and whiny bitching to get my attention or makes a point of doing things he knows will set me off to the point I can't function to write any more so that I do something else, like spring clean the house or what he has in mind. It would be nice if he tried to be cute and clever every once in a while, like David, might even work better.