Sunday, May 1, 2005 messed up.

Every week in my “education” class we’re supposed to answer two questions from two chapters...well, last week instead of doing chapter 10 like I was supposed to, I accidentally submitted answers to chapter 11.

And she gave me a 100.

If she’d read it at all...there would be no way I could have gotten a 100...the answers I gave did not match up in the least with the essay questions asked.

I found this out because I was looking at this week's questions and I realized they sounded familiar...Once I figured it out...I was forced to choose the two essay questions I didn’t answer last week to fill this week's requirement....either that, or just copy paste the same answers from last week.

Oh I thought about it...but I figured it’d be a good idea to see if she even reads these or here is one of the questions from this week and my response...which David says I should NOT post...He’s probably right but I’m a snarky bitch and can’t help myself...This is much nicer than I wanted to be too so I am already compromising.

Understand that this is after a question that asked the same thing, but started at 1 decade, then 2, 3...

4. Write a scenario forecasting how computers will change the teaching profession during the next four decades?

In the next four decades, teachers will be completely replaced by living androids with simulated emotions(a little like my old algebra teacher), theses teachers will be networked into the school mainframe and will be able to directly transmit information into their student's heads by sophisticated data jacks implanted in the student’s brain. All cafeteria food will be synthesized through a massive super computer, cutting costs, pleasing PETA, and providing the students with nutritious meals ripe with the bursting flavor of fresh cardboard and low on non-carcinogen preservatives. Just like the more traditional school foods of now! Mmm mmm love those pseudo-tater tater tots.


scribblekitten said...


I swany Nick, you trying to kill me or something? hehehehehe. You are probably right on this point, but I don't think your teacher, which I believe has a learning disability of her own, will understand your humor. With her antagonistic behavior toward you to date, I'd be willing to bet this answer will piss her off and earn you a low grade for the assignment. hehehe. But I too see this as the new wave of the future for education.

serephent said...

ROFL! I love it..