Saturday, April 30, 2005

Warning...this conversation starts bad...and gets sooo much worse.

Warning...this conversation starts bad...and gets sooo much worse.

Draye: I think I need dinner
Draye: ...maybe a nice chicken salad that isn't too filling
Nick: lol go for it

Half hour later...

Draye: eww I spilled the salad dressing
Draye: now I smell like ceaser

Nick: lol Brings to mind a whole host of inappropriate things to say

Draye: I just recently discovered the meaning of the phrase "tossing the salad"

Nick: LOL recently?

Draye: yes
Draye: as in like
Draye: last week


Draye: it's a long story why I figured it out

Nick: is it a good story?

Draye: it's amusing
Draye: and kinda pathetic

Nick: did it come with a demo?

Draye: almost! XD

Nick: LOL

Draye: it started in my junior year in high school o__O Math teacher was having us play a game and she was mixing up these pieces of paper in a bag and compared it to "tossing a salad"...and some of the people in there burst out giggling.
My teacher didn't get it
One of the girls had to whisper it in her ear and my teacher was really really grossed out

I didn't get it either but...I kinda forgot about it and then remembered it off and on after that. It only struck me about a week ago to do a google search and finally find out what the hell that meant *pathetic*

Nick: lol
Nick: that's funny

Draye: it's sad

Nick: it's also known as rimming

Draye: yes I already knew that
Draye: I don't use any of those terms because...they sound tasteless

Nick: lol
Nick: LOL
Nick: LOL

Draye: unless it's in dialogue

Nick: tasteless
Nick: LOL

Draye: oh shuddup XD

Nick: can't breathe

Draye: *dead*
Draye: I didn't even think of that
Draye: LOL
Draye: wooo you're more perverted than I am!

Nick: lol
Nick: oh gosh
Nick: that cracked me up

Draye: that deserves to be quoted

Nick: was just thinking that

Draye: LOL
Draye: hahahaha
Draye: you made me choke on my mt dew

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scribblekitten said...


Well, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I've heard it called tons of things before, but never that. Kinda makes me rethink the salad I was going to eat for dinner now. ehhehe, ahumph,it might be good with dressing or it might be tastless and then might taste like something I don't want to even consider eating now, ehheeheehhe.

You guys are nuts you know that? You crack me up.