Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mom, rotten eggs and foul language

My Mom: hey you there?

Nick S Graves: what
Nick S Graves: lol
Nick S Graves: am pissy
Nick S Graves: what you want woman

My Mom: why you pissy?

Nick S Graves: 'skool

My Mom: it giving you problems again?

Nick S Graves: I just wish they'd use some lube
Nick S Graves: I don't even demand a kiss, man...just some freakin lube
Nick S Graves: something to make the royal ass ramming they are giving me not quite so fuckin raw

My Mom: hehehe
My Mom: what are you doing now?

Nick S Graves: eating the last of that potato salad
Nick S Graves: hoping it kills me
Nick S Graves: botulism style

My Mom: Valley of the Dogs?

Nick S Graves: totally
Nick S Graves: smells a lil funny
Nick S Graves: kinda...funny colored too

My Mom: Don't eat it then cause it will make you very sick
My Mom: it has lots of mayo in it.

Nick S Graves: too late
Nick S Graves: I think puking and shitting myself to death at this point would be a sunny alternative to how my day as gone

My Mom: call me

Nick S Graves: now?

My Mom: why? What you doing now ?

Nick S Graves: nothin
Nick S Graves: poisoning myself

My Mom: then call me before it interferes with all your fun of puking yourself to death.

Nick S Graves: all right then

My Mom: cool. signing off so you tell me all about the nasty school stuff and I can tell you all my nasty gossip.
My Mom: that way at least you can die with a smile on your face hehehe
My Mom: bye


chaosphaere said...

LOL, it seems like you have a good relationship with your mom. At least, I hope so.

crystaltwiiight said...


Yes i know what ur going thru nick. they are pulling the same shit with me. i cant go to school this semester or w/e i have to wait until the fall.... August is a long time away. i dont want to do that. and the only way i can get there is if jeanna takes me..... gah... I hate that school. yet Grampy thinks its the best school. im like no it isnt... please dont die because of poisoning. if you do then i wont beable poke you anymore. hehe i hope everything works out with you. love ya.

disturbedgraves said...

LOL we do actually!

disturbedgraves said...

Re: heh

aww I'm sorry you are having such a time...I was sure your dad would pay for your classes and all. That whole thing really sucked...

crystaltwiiight said...

Re: heh

Well i didnt want to ask because of the way he didnt want to buy your art. thinking it was to much money. i just hate to think what he would say about paying about 500-600 dollars for my classes. *pout* you know how my dad is. hasnt changed a bit since i moved out. but now he has to do what me and wayne had to do lol. i guess paybacks a bitch lol.