Friday, March 18, 2005


Thanks to Flasher I have had to dig up all the Big and Rich songs in the house....which is actually more painful to my sweet lil David than the other day when I was listening to nothing but Eminem, the insane clown posse and Jay least he’s happy Monday has passed...the day in which is was Dean Martin, Sinatra and of course Bobby Darin.

Tomorrow may be nothing but Cream or maybe some more Adam Ant, Foreigner, Jethro Tull, CCR? Maybe Clay Aiken? Maybe Manson or NIN? Or...maybe I’ll torture everyone in the house with J-Rock and trance.

It’s my choice after all...

I have the biggest speakers.

They don’t like it they can go outside, go away, go DO something.

*I’m the writer...I’m the one with the multiple personalities...I’m the one with all the opinionated people living in her head that could argue for days over whether or not Sting should be shot for leaving the Police or if Metallica is sold out, washed out, old, or perhaps the last decent metal band to come across the air waves.

Don’t even get them started on politics, civil and animal head can’t handle that sort of bloodshed.

At least they all agree Peter Gabriel has been better off without Genesis and Phil Collins shouldn’t fool himself into thinking the same applies to him.

We’ll just keep it to the music...Why My Chemical Romance is hot and Robbie Williams is even hotter.

It’s my choice after all...

I have the biggest speakers.

* I’m not crazy...but a few of the voices in my head are.


scribblekitten said...

Hah for musical variety and inner voices!

hehhe, bigger speaker...maybe I should invest in some bigger speakers at my house too? I guess it's partly my fault you have such a weird variety of tastes in music...But you come by it honest. And some of the voices in my head are insane too, but at least part of us is sane most of the time, ehhehe. If not how could be we be writers?

Did you know Einstein used to talk to his imaginary friend when working out problems? And so did Beethoven and tons of other famous super smart folks? Now I'm wondering...does that make us smarter than the average bear or just the average garden variety fruit loop?

Who voices are screaming at me to get back to work and finish this chapter so they can kill off this next victim. I NEED BIGGER speakers too....want to share?

amber_dreams said...

....Voices in head. I miss a few of those voices, missy.

I need to burn you a copy of the new COF CD. Even if you aren't a COF fan. It's fucking hot. I broke down and bought the special edition version. mmmdanifilth.

SLEEP. I'm writing when I get home tomorrow and well into Sunday. Might need your assistance if you're around, darlin'. ;)

crystaltwiiight said...


Nick i think ur going insane... i think all of us are going insane... the world today filled with wiggers, preps, punks, goths... i think all the fancy ppl that think they are better than us should just disapear... but i do love the way u write.. and i want to buy ur book when it comes out...but until then... u need to keep those voices undercontrol... and yes u do have the biggest speakers but can u use them right thats the question. :)