Monday, February 21, 2005

Heh...found a bunch of old photos

That Cat spent sooo much time slung over my shoulder.

Pretty sure I am covered in chocolate...the wall probably is too

LOOK! I made eggs!!!

Look I can fit them all in my mouth at once!

Dad sleeps...I destroy the place...I may have a dress but I also have a big gun

My inner self showing pick


bethyscoot said...

I looked so much like that when i was little! can tell when those are from just from the colors around the house. :p

osmandias said...

I usually don't say Aw or anything, but this makes me go "Aww" and feel so nice. You're adorable, and the kitty looks like it doesn't mind getting a ride around.

mythicized said...

You were so cute and frilly and girly! ...What happened?! XD (you ARE still cute, though)