Saturday, April 18, 2009

On commissions and cheaters

Serena: I got Anya to do a world map for my new story idea
Serena: she did the one for Centerworld that I used for Salfold too and I really liked it
Serena: so she's working on the new one for me
Serena: :3

Me: awesome
Me: cheating on me with another artist
Me: but awesome

Serena: LOL
Serena: pffff s'just a map

Me: just a map
Me: today
Me: but tomorrow it will be a character portrait...
Me: and the next thing I know...
Me: you'll be commissioning PORN
Me: and then it will all be over
Me: you cheatin whore

Serena: well if YOU drew me porn every now and then, maybe I wouldn't have to gooooo anywhere else
Serena: I have needs too!

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