Monday, June 11, 2007

dead bug

I think I need to lay off the drugs…

Seriously…this is a personal intervention.

Granted, everything I am on is a substance my various doctors are pushing like so many crack dealers, nothing I am on is something any self respecting drug addict would take of their own volition, I am still tweaking like an idiot about 90% of the time now.

Last night I took a baseball bat to a flying beetle that I thought was out to kill me.

No shit, the bitch flew right at me three times.

Now, this could be just regular girlly behavior if it had only been a wall I put a hole in, but the thing landed on my head and I didn’t just brush it off when I screeched, I whacked it.

With the bat.

I knocked my husband’s desk over, half destroyed a chair, woke him up at 3am, a whole hour before he had to get up for work…and you know what? I still didn’t kill the thing.

No, that took two cats to do later after I’d stopped freaking out, and that nasty little bug actually kicked their asses for a good while before it went down. It kept biting their paws and nipping their tails…the thing was the debil in beetle form.

I think after coming into his fubared living room to see his frazzled wife chasing nothing(no, he couldn’t immediately see the itty bitty beetle bug) around with a baseball bat with two cats as back up, he’s probably about to have me committed.

As it stands now I am prone to bouts of laughing that drive him nuts…at things that are apparently not funny. He calls me the stoner. I find commercials hilarious…I find blinking lights…hilarious.

Should have seen me the night our house got invaded by fireflies.

His catch phase has become, sigh “It’s not funny, you’re just drugged.”

I suppose there are worse side effects to drugs than being easily amused and chasing bugs, but I have those too. I’m easily distracted, I can’t concentrate, and I am having a very hard time getting this website finished that I have been putting together to post our stories (mine and Serena's) and art on.

That’s the part that sucks.

It’s almost done though…few more days.

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scribblekitten said...

I sorry, sweetie

Man you do seem to have the ups and downs lately. Maybe it is more likely you are just under too much stress right now, making the meds react with you stronger and in unexpected ways. Are you getting enough sleep? That could definitely bring about a lot of this too. But if you feel the meds have you feeling too drugged, I'd contact you doctors and have them put their heads together to determine the most compatible combinations and doses or if they should change some of meds you take.

Anyway, get some rest, baby, and try not to beat the house or yourself to death with the bat anymore, ehhehe. I really want to keep my Shanniann around for a lot longer, you know? Love ya.