Sunday, January 7, 2007



It’s sad...If I defined my life’s soundtrack, it could be made up with Meatloaf, Rufus Wainwright, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, and Lynard Skynard... I have a bunch of others too...but generally these are my staples, I can always find something in their catalog that will fit the situation somewhere.


chaosphaere said...

My god, is that Meatloaf? What diet did he do, so I can sell the book and become a millionaire. You could fit three of that man in the video, in the old Meatloaf.

Hopefully that response wasn't too offensive. I'm just... wow. Surprised.

scribblekitten said...

And what is wrong with that playlist?

Hey those are some awsome artist to listen to, nothing wrong with doing that. Of course most of Meatloaf and Cohen's stuff make me very moody and so I rarely listen to them unless I'm so depressed that I need a good cry to lighten up, ehhe. Don't know why Meatloaf always makes me cry, but he does.