Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years Dinner...

The instant I took the new crockpot out of that box Gris Gris (affectionately
dubbed Greasy by the kids due do the pronunciation of her name being Gree Gree),
the cat hopped into the cooking well and refused to get out. Every time I
reached to lift her from it she’d flatten out and glare at me, press her ears
back against her head, and make it very clear she’d claimed this bed as her own.
It was terribly cute except for the fact that I’d planned to make split pea soup
and I...really don’t let anything stand in the way of me and a good Thick as Fog
Pea Soup. So the cat had to go, and she spent the night crying by the cooking
pot and pawing at it and scowling at me as if I was the worst evil in the world
for taking it from her.

And of course, no sooner had we eaten and the food cooled, and I taken the
ceramic cooking well out of the metal heating surround, did she hop right back
in. I had only just turned my back.

Well...I’d actually waited a second or two extra because I know my cat well and
I knew she was going to do it.


blith said...

hehe, i love your cat! My SuuSuu does that to bags or boxes brought intot he house. it hasn't been christened until she climbs inside. XD

serephent said...

What an adorable kitty! ::steals and runs off::