Saturday, July 2, 2005

A few notes from me:


Triangulation is having some technical
difficulties. Soren’s computer had to go to the doctor and that has left us with
editing snags. She’s supposed to be getting it back today or tomorrow though and
with any luck(provided I get my end finished) she will be able to cap chapter 4
off with some tweaks and hard grammar editing.

•Hostage- if you have not seen this movie...SEE IT.
The bad guy(not the one you never see but the young guy who is actually all
through the movie) is the best badguy I have seen in...well, ever. It’s been a
real long time since I have  loved and hated and feared and cried for a
villain...but this kid -Ben Foster I believe the actor is- is amazing. You
wouldn’t expect it at fact I watched him make a certain expression in
the beginning and caught a look in his eyes and instantly went “oooo he’s
awesome” and my David goes... "No he’s not...he’s an idiot kid”

...By the near end of the movie David was like “Wow...yeah,
he’s awesome.”

The movie is killer...see it.

•Saw Sophie’s Choice...I shouldn’t have watched
that.  Movies about nazi’s and the final solution type stuff makes me so
sad. I started bawling all through this movie...and I wanted to smack Sophie. I
wouldn’t have made a choice...I’d have smiled more, I’d have tried to sweettalk
someone into helping me(I am surprising good when dealing with psychos) but I
would not have allowed the last thing my baby heard its mama say be “Kill my
daughter” No...fuckin....way. I’d rather the last thing they see before they
were killed be their mama eating many bullets trying to defend them, which is
exactly what I would have done if I couldn’t negotiate my way out of it. I hate this get three
movies at a time right? Well every time we order a series they send us the end
first and we have to send it back to get the first one. For example, right now
we are holding onto the Indiana Jones 2 disc and the bonus footage disc from
Indiana Jones 1....they sent us the bonus disc without the brain
dead IS this system?

•White Noise makes you retarded...Ok so I am
watching that movie about the ghosts yeah? And me and my youngest boy are home
alone, we watch it, but over all it doesn’t spook us. Then Damien has to go into
his room... and the light blows out, so he yells for me to come help him get his
kitty so he doesn’t have to go into the dark. I’m fussing at him the whole time
for being a big baby who’s afraid of the dark, all the way up until I hear
something in the room growl with this low scratchy “GET OUT”

Guess what I did? I screamed like a little bitch, ran like
hell... and yes, grabbed my kid on the way. After about ten minutes of standing
out by the road in our PJ’s, we got brave enough to go peek inside and see what
the hell that was.

Turns out...heh...I had stepped on one of those toys you
get from the fast food places, the ones that are little stuffed potato-looking
things that you throw them at people to activate a saying? Well...this one was
half-dead, battery almost gone and I had just stomped the hell out of it, so
what was once a cheery “Get out of here!” turned into a rather terrifying “GET

I am such an idiot...

•Art Institute It looks like I am definitely in,
though still not sure if I will be accepted into the Game Art and Design program
I want. The biggest problem here is that my grant money will not come in until
after class I have to buy my books out of pocket the first semester.
It can be as much as 500 dollars. I wonder...if I offered commissions relatively
cheap if I could make this...

Anyone want a commission? I’ve gotten hella fast in the
last few months because of all the school deadlines, so between now and August I
know I could do a ridiculous amount of work for other people.

Finial note of the moment....

•I miss Soren...she doesn’t come on until really
late right now because of the computer issue and I have nooooone to talk to
until around 2 am. *sniffles* I’m about to call her Best Buy and complain until
they get her the damn computer back.

Ok...must go edit Jean’s chapter or she’s gonna implode...I
know how it is to need feedback and not getting it...(hint hint to everyone
reading this who NEVERRRR COOMMMENTSSSS) yeah...anyway, bye-o


ghostbard said...

I haven't seen Sophie's Choice yet, and now I'm definitely not going to. I don't think it would help if my husband had to sit on me because I was yelling at the movie.

You're having trouble with Try Netflix ( We've NEVER had any problems with them sending us the end of a series before the beginning, and we have been getting a number of anime series from them. And believe me...if they sent us disc 8 of an 8 disc series BEFORE they sent us disc 1.

Good luck into the Game Art and Design program. My husband's trying to get into something similar, but what he wants deals almost exclusively with the computer end of game design.

I refused to watch White Noise because of how paranoid I am. I don't think my daughters could handle mommy freaking out because of weird noises and odd voices. Since we live on the second floor of a three floor apartment building, I get to hear a lot of weird noises from both above and below me.

And you can tell Soren there must be something going around. Our computer was in the shop for three days because SOMETHING died in it. I am sooo happy to have my machine back and functioning. I was using my dad's computer to check stuff while he played with Jessica (the new baby) and my sister played with Katie (my almost two-year-old).

disturbedgraves said...

I've had alot of people reccomend's probably what I would have gone with, but David set it up. And no...I would not advise watching Sophie's choice if you are a mom. Tore me and David both us...seriously. It was a good movie though, it was very well directed and the actors were was just too damn sad is all...

scribblekitten said...

boo its me, is that you?

That ok you guys are just telling us this story about computer problems to build the tension...I know how you writer type and movie types are...keep them on the edge of their seats and you keep them coming back for more. Just look what it has done for serial movies over the years like Star Wars, ehehhe.

Hostage I sooooo want to see. I saw it for sale in Walmart before I got my check this month but when I went back to get it....they were sold out. So I'll have to wait till they get some more or go look some place else to buy it. The really bad thing was it was one those 2 DVD sets and it also had Cursed with it both for $25.00. which would have been a great deal. Now I'll have to pay full price for both.

Never watch the ones about the Nazi war stuff or WW's because they upset me. And White Noise I thought was a waste of time and money. It was just too fake and silly for me. Didn't like that movie at all. But hey hehehehhe, you silly thing...why you so afraid of ghost? They can't hurt you, might make you hurt your self running away from them but they can't hurt you. Remember I grew up in a haunted house and got used to them like having a naughty pet at times.

Congrats on the school. I knew you could do it and I'm sure you'll work everything out in the end, you always seem to come out on top somehow. And I you can always talk to me while Soren is away....::wicked grin:: But I promise I'm not imploding...just smoking myself into an early grave. So, this way I can come back and nag you to death about not editing my chapters on time and causing me to smoke myself to death. ehhehe