Saturday, May 14, 2005

...The cover page for chapter two in the first CC inc booky Draye and I are working on. Going to add a bunch of panel and character sketches and maybe a few pages up here in the next day or so.
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mythicized said...

Guh. Vander is gorgeous. I'm in love all over again. *gets glared at by Marcus* >____>; *backs away slowly*

scribblekitten said...


Val is so innocient looking and gorgeous. I love the look of this comic, the way you have it with some very detailed and portrait like and the other part with the comic feel to it. It brings the focus to bear on the detailed work more.

I also love the title, "Bullets and Bufferflies" for this. You just know there is going to be a lot of hard core violence and lovey mushy stuff mixed together. ehhehe. Can't wait to see it all put together and find out if my imagined images of these guys the scenes are anything like what I've read so far.