Thursday, October 30, 2014

PNRBT: Author Interview -- Marilyn Vix

Welcome all! For day four of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour we have an interview with Marilyn Vix where she discusses current projects, her inspirations, and romance in the digital age!

1) How did you get the idea for your current book?

I had a dream in which I found a man in bed with another woman. I'd been looking through far too many romance novel covers. It spilled into the dream. He was hot, and bare chested, just like a romance novel cover. 

I started launching a fireball attack at him, and he jumped out of the bed through the window. I hit him with another spell, and it threw him into the pool. As he came out of the pool, I started to fully wake up. I got up, started the coffee pot, and grabbed my laptop. 10 minutes later I wrote down my dream, and continued the scene. I finished my coffee, and it became chapter one in Never Marry A Warlock. It definitely proves that you never know when inspiration may strike.

2) What inspirational advice would you give a new paranormal romance writer?

Don't give up! You never know what will happen unless you write it down. Get that butt in a chair, and write something. Then, get used to sitting there for longer periods at a time. Read lots of paranormal romances. You always want to know what is out there and what is already done. The secret is to try to do something no one else has tried. Then, you can give your story the twist it needs. Plus, start looking into joining writing groups and going to writing conferences. Increase your craft. Writing can only get better.

3) Who inspired you the most to become a writer?

Anne Rice. There was a biography on her I read in 1993. It talked about how she wrote Interview With A Vampire as her master's degree project. She was working out the death of her 5 year old daughter in creating Claudia. I started writing Sci-Fi, and have moved onto trying other genres. I feel I finally have found my voice in paranormal romance. The characters keep bugging me to write them. It's what Anne has described with Lestat. I finally know how she feels. 

4) Do you think romance is alive and well or becoming lost in the technology age?

I met my husband in a pub. It may not have been romantic, but then, I ended up happy. I don't think it matters how you may find the person, but that you somehow connect. Technology is just another way to connect. I think finding the special someone can get easier if you let no stone go unturned. 

5) What current projects are you working on?

I'm working on a Time Travel Romance that I'm hoping to get completed with National Writing Month ( Plus, I'm working on Never Cross A Warlock, the third novelette in the Beware of Warlocks series. I just wish I'd write faster. Life does get in the way, but sometimes you have to make time for writing. I'm hoping to write 50,000 words in a month will get me more focused on writing. Then, it's off to my editor. 

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